pierfrancesco celada

when I feel down I take a train to the Happy Valley

Hong Kong 2014-2019

With more than seven million people, Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated city in the world; a multicultural environment with a mixed collective memory, an intersection of experiences and a complex sense of belonging
Hong Kong is currently living one of the most delicate moments of its history, facing new growing uncertainties before the “one country, two systems” arrangement will cease to exist in 2046.I moved to Hong Kong in October 2014, at the beginning of the Umbrella revolution. The movement, while demanding for a truly universal suffrage, contributed to further divide public opinion, augmenting anti-mainland sentiments, especially among the younger generations.
These sentiments have exploded again in the summer of 2019. The escalating violence and the lack of trust in the government have since polarised public opinion, further deepening Hong Kong’s current identity crisis.