pierfrancesco celada


Selfies, self-representation and social-media are playing an always-increasing role in today’s society, especially among the younger generations. The “Instagram Pier” is a public cargo pier located on the west side of Hong Kong Island. In the past few years the pier has raised to fame as the “Instagram Pier”. Every day, a great number of instagrammers, photographers and curious gather daily at the pier, especially at sunset, for taking selfies and scenic photos, attracted by its unique access to Hong Kong’s Victoria harbour. I always had a strong interest in self-represention and social-media; the Pier represented a good opportunity to investigate the topic further. I started walking to the Pier on a daily basis, and I soon begun noticing all the repetitions, including my own. People would return to the pier, to create and re-create, very similar “Instagram driven” imagery; a constant repetition of poses and situations played by a never-ending number of interchangeable actors. The Pier becomes a place of transition, between reality and the virtual world of self-representation; between our real-selves and the way we wish our lives were perceived and represented. Because of the nature of the place I’ve created the Instagram Pier’s instagram account.

Cortona Onthemove, Cortona, 2018