pierfrancesco celada

sushi chef was burnt alive

In Hong Kong, with the worsening of socio-economic inequalities, the exorbitant cost of housing and the lack of social mobility, suicide is a major concern.
I have explored Hong Kong neighbourhoods following “haunted houses” maps compiled by local property agencies. Along the years they have collected detailed information regarding violent unnatural deaths (most of whom being suicides), with the intent of offering cheaper housing solutions to their customers and therefore speculating on these tragic events.
According to feng shui principles, an unnatural death can produce an excess of negative energy in the household; it is then recommended to avoid living in places where such an event has occurred.
Traditions and morality have contributed along the centuries to make suicide a taboo, for both victims and their relatives left behind. Great effort is needed to make the stigma disappear.

If you have suicidal thoughts please contact the Samaritans’  24-hour helpline 28960000